My First Experience with Lyft

With rain in the forecast, I chose to not ride the bike to the Park & Ride today. I decided to try Lyft.

I waited until the bus arrived at the Park & Ride before pulling up the app. I actually pulled up both the Uber app and the Lyft app at the same time. Since both let you see what the final fare is going to be before you ride, I compared the two.

Lyft was actually more expensive by a couple of dollars. The ETA for either to arrive and drop me off at my destination was the same. Was I willing to pay a couple of more dollars to try Lyft? Absolutely! I had a coupon!!! Actually, it one of MANY emails Lyft sent me over the past few months announcing that I had $50 added to my account (“Get $5 off your next 10 rides – no code needed. Yep, it’s that easy.”

I like easy and I like a good discount so I entered my payment information and requested the ride.

The driver, Michael, arrived within only a couple of minutes. He had a Lyft heads up display on his dash and the license plate matched the information on the app.

Everything about the ride was great. Michael was professional, the car was clean and neat on the inside. He drove safely and got me to my destination quickly. He spoke highly of his Lyft job and his regular day-to-day job. Overall, a very nice man.

The trip was 3.59 miles and the time it took from him picking me up to dropping me off was about ten minutes.

I’ve ridden Uber MANY times before. This was my first Lyft ride and likely not my last.

I entered a nice tip into the app and rated the driver as excellent.

There was only one problem… the discount did not apply. I chose to take a higher fare ride without looking closer at the fine print (off color white) that said the promotion had ended. If I knew that, I would have taken Uber instead.

Still, I was pleased with the prompt, courteous, and professional service provided by Michael.

BTW – If Lyft cares to refund me $5, that would be really cool and will go a long way in my book. (Are you reading this Lyft?)

If you want to try Lyft for yourself, please use my referral code. I might earn $10 in ride credit for referring a friend in Houston. Terms do apply though so that may or may not be the case.  My code is SCOTT70511 and my referral link is



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