Decide to Change

The thing that might be stopping you from achieving success could be you.
And the turning point to fixing you is that you need to decide to change.

Decide to change.

Too many of us are waiting for others to make something happen first. We end up blaming others for the place we are at right now.

— stop blaming others
— stop blaming your family / parents / spouse / children
— stop saying, “If only I grew up better.”
— stop saying, “If only my parents didn’t get a divorce.”
— stop saying, “If only he didn’t beat me.”
— stop blaming your boss / team / company
— stop saying, “If only I had another job.”
— stop saying, “If only I was paid more.”
— stop blaming your teacher / professor / classmate / principal / counselor / school
— stop blaming your neighbor / community / government

— stop blaming your up-line / sponsor / leaders
— stop saying if only they had better products

— stop blaming your church
— stop saying… “I don’t like how the seats are arranged.”
— stop saying… “The music is too loud.”
— stop saying… “I don’t like so and so.”

Maybe you’re dirt broke. Maybe you’re single. Maybe you’re scared.

You need to make a decision and you really need to make that decision now rather than later that you are going to change.

You are going to have to take personal responsibility

Are you constantly fighting to prove your worth? GOOD!

I have to laugh. During one of my Life Group meetings a earlier this year, we went around the room and asked… what do you like to do? I LIKE TO DO EVERYTHING! Give me a book and I’ll figure it out. Dare me to learn something and I’ll take a shot at it.

You are never going to hear me say “I made it – I’m done”
— Keep studying
— Keep learning
— Keep applying yourself


If you want to bring your grades up. Take responsibility – Do the work. Study.

If you want a better job? Make a better job. You change your attitude at work and come with such an excitement and drive that you’re gonna rock the day, some lazy crap people will run the other way but a whole bunch of others will surround you and put in the effort.

If you want to have a better walk with Christ? Read His Word. Go to Church. Fellowship with others. Engage with others. Pray with others.

DESPITE everything going on. You need to take responsibility.

One step at a time… but you better be stepping forward. Toss the crutch. Do the work.

Look, if you want help or guidance. Let me know. Shoot me an email. Send me a private message.

Let me help you. Find success..

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