Ways to Help If You Did Not Flood

Credit to: Ashley Sullivan Hawthorne, 08/28/2017 10 am

So many people want to help because they did not flood. Kick that “survivors guilt” to the curb and channel those feelings into action. Through the Baton Rouge flood, we quickly realized and zoned in on 3 major needs.

1. BRING FOOD TO PEOPLE WORKING ON THEIR HOUSES. This can be brown bag lunches, or whatever. All fast food may be closed and they don’t want to stop working to go and get in line somewhere. Traffic was awful after the flood but this was a great way to help. PB&J is super easy. Load the kids up and just drive to hard hit areas and offer them food.

2. WASH PEOPLES LAUNDRY. If you get to the laundry quick enough you can salvage it. Here is the magic potion: wash as hot as you can with oxiclean, lots of fabric softener, pine sol & detergent. This helped with preventing and mitigating mildew and mold. Some things cannot be saved, but lots can. It is a huge help and easy to do if you’re home with kids.

3. BABYSITTING WHILE PEOPLE WORK ON THEIR HOUSES. This was a very helpful thing. So many people want to be sorting through their stuff but it is so hard when you have kids. Some of the conditions are not even safe for the kids. Churches and Civic Organizations or even people in their homes can do this.

We are there for you all. We love you, our neighbors. Please feel free to share this post and let me know if you have questions about how we got the systems to run well. I’d suggest some FB groups be established for laundry, childcare, and food and someone can run each. There can be tons of these little helper networks established in Houston b/c your city is so huge.


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