Hurricane Harvey – The Burk Family Update

08/29/2017 – Noon

The photo above shows the highest water mark we had thus far.

We are hanging in there. It finally let up long enough to get to Target for some food.

We anticipate about 8-10 inches of rain today as the storm goes back over. Since midnight, we received 4.44 inches of rain, bringing our total so far to 43.40 inches.

In Houston, we depend on bayous to carry flood waters away to the Gulf of Mexico. The problem is that many of these bayous went over their banks. When full, flooding occurs. Harvey continues to play out worse-case-scenarios across the area. We are blessed to live along a bayou that manages to keep up with continuous water. We are also blessed to live in a home higher than others. We are at home, with electricity, and depending on God. It has been a rough few days. We have maybe another couple of days of this. Keep praying.

My brother Matthew and family evacuated their flooded home. They are safe.

My brother Jason and family are safe. Maribel was able to receive dialysis.

My brother Chris is safe.

Mom and dad are safe.

I am going to create additional posts specific to how you can recover or help.


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