Leadership Awakening

As one with a BBA in Management and an MBA in Human Resources Management from the University of Houston, Clear Lake, I can honestly say that I read MANY books in my lifetime as they pertain to leadership. Recently, Doug Stringer released his latest book, ‘Leadership Awakening – Foundational Principles for Lasting Success.’ It is, by far, the best leadership book available today. I highly recommend this book to anybody (regardless of your current job title or position in your company.) It is a must read for every pastor or minister in the church. To anybody seeking a political office, you need to read this. For the high school or college graduate, the wisdom found within the contents of this book will help you develop skills for a lifetime.

Gift Ideas:
– Student entering college
– Gift for Boss
– Gift for employees
– Gift for pastor
– Gift for friend

To purchase, click this link.

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