The Covenant and the Thief


Imagine this. You leave your teenage son or daughter home while you go to the grocery store for a few items. You are only gone for 30 minutes; however, during that time, a thief opens the door to your home, enters in, and attacks your child. It happens every day.

An innocent search on a search engine results in a displayed image of a woman with barely any clothes on. Rather than clicking the back button, your child curiously clicks the image. The trap was set, your child was caught. You arrive home and hit the horn announcing your arrival. Your child frantically closes the browser to avoid being caught. The image, unfortunately, is burned into his mind and soon, his heart.

For all you know, there is no issue at home. Everybody is fine. You and yours regularly attend church. You hear the Lego Movie playing in the background, “Everything is Awesome!” The thief, on the other hand, remains inside the house, hiding, and waiting. The intruder, described in John 10:10, comes to kill, steal, and destroy. The thief comes to break covenants.

What exactly is a ‘covenant?’ A covenant is an agreement. It is a promise. It is the ultimate pinkie swear that counts, forever. It should never break. It should remain intact.

A couple of months ago, my friend and I were talking about protecting our kids from such a thief found on the internet. He recommended Covenant Eyes, an accountability software, and service. Throughout the day, it monitors internet activity (desktop and mobile) and provides an accountability report to the person or person(s) chosen to receive such a report. You can even add filtering to block the bad stuff.

I probably spent a good two weeks considering the service. Would it be worth it? Would it be a good investment? What do others say about it? For a flat rate of $14.99 per month, I can set up every member of my family and install on every device in our home (including cell phones.) Each family member receives their account and can add their accountability partners. Remembering the intent of the thief, I signed up. I must admit, it was one of the better decisions I’ve made in my life.

My wife and I, by default, receive accountability reports for our kids. We receive daily reports on their internet activities. Neither of the kids can remove the software or disable the software from their device without a unique passcode.

Though I don’t have a problem, it keeps me honest, so there’s no room for secrecy about what’s happening online. At any time, my wife, or other accountability partners can see what I am doing online. They are there to hold me accountable.

If you are married, and you have the internet at home, you need this (even if you don’t have a problem.) Rumor is that 70% of men have a problem. Men, why not give your wife the piece of mind that you are not in the majority?

If you have kids at home, you need this (even if the Lego Movie is playing in the background.) The thief is real.

To learn more about Covenant Eyes, CLICK HERE. <– NOTE: My link offers a free month of our services to anyone that signs up.

*** UPDATE *** – I can no longer recommend Covenant Eyes. There were TOO MANY occurrences of reporting errors where Covenant Eyes failed to detect activity on a phone or a computer. 

09/13/2017 – I contacted CE Support to inform them of the reporting issues on multiple devices.
09/13/2017 – I received a response from Keith same day asking about the devices.
09/14/2017 – I replied with device information for all devices including PC.
09/14/2017 – I received a response from Mandi same day giving me instructions to modify settings in BitDefender, my security app
09/15/2017 – I replied (after making recommended changes in BitDefender) to inform support that the problems continued
09/15/2017 – I received a response from Steve same day instructing me to “turn off my firewall.”
09/15/2017 – I replied back informing support that I would NOT disable my firewall (because that would be stupid but I didn’t tell him that.) I informed support that I would begin searching for an alternative software.
09/16/2017 – I received a response back from support (no name on this one) indicating that they received my request to discontinue my CE membership.
09/16/2017 – I received a response from Steve stating my account would not be canceled until they received confirmation from me to do so.
09/16/2017 – I received a phone call from CE Support asking if it was okay to process my cancellation request at that time. I said, “I did NOT make a request to cancel the account.” I suggested that the caller read the case. The caller did and said, “CE doesn’t work with BitDefender. I should disable it.” No.
09/16/2017 – I then proceeded to uninstall each installation from the devices. 
09/17/2017 – I am testing an alternative. So far, so good. I’m on a trial but I like what I see so far, and guess what!? No conflict with BitDefender.

Does my experience reflect the kind of experience you might have? Hopefully not. If you are a subscriber and it works for you, awesome. For me, CE did not consistently work and their customer service (even though they were quick to respond) did not provide the assistance I was looking for.




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