Praying for the Sick

Shared by Pastor Kevin Kinchen

Have you ever heard someone praying for the sick by saying, “God… IF it is Your will, then please heal this person.” I understand that people are most likely sincere in that prayer. However, that kind of thinking is not in sync with the God I serve. Let me explain.

First, if we read our Bible all the way through we begin to see and know God’s character and His will. John 3:16 says God sent His only Son, Jesus, to the earth for a specific purpose. That purpose was, and still is, because God so LOVED this world…and He didn’t mean the dirt and the oceans. It was all for the PEOPLE. God loves people, the saint and the sinner. In fact 1 John 4:8 tells us God IS love. He doesn’t just have love, He IS love, He is 100% unconditional love.

Think about it. We are told in Genesis that we are created in the likeness and the image of God. God loves people, He loves His children. Well, since we are “like Him” then we have that same love in us. What if my son or daughter came to me and said, “Dad, if it’s your will for me to be healed, would you please make me better?” I would reply, “IF I want you healed….what do you mean “IF” I want you healed. Of course I want you healed; remember I love you! I’m your father not your enemy.”

“But Pastor Kevin, maybe God is trying to ‘teach’ them something.” No, God is NOT trying to “teach you something by making you sick.” If He wants to teach us something He will use His Word (The Bible) and/or the Holy Spirit. Remember, He IS love…He’s NOT cancer, He’s NOT A.L.S. or any other disease or sickness. That just doesn’t line up with who He is. I will say it again, God is love.

Folks, God wants you healed, it IS His will. All He asks from you is to believe in Him, love Him, trust Him and get to know Him. He gave His best so you’ll be able to give your best. Keep praying and expect health!

In Him,
Pastor Kevin Kinchen

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